Rehabilitation of OHRs and Tube Wells

Improved access to clean water includes Rehabilitation of 45 existing tube wells and Boreholes, 09 Overhead water reservoirs. Installation of 39 New Overhead water reservoirs. Installation of new water pipes of 863 Km, Rehabilitation of 20 Filtration plants. Installation of 53 new filtration plants, Up to Two Thousand Fifty Two Metered Domestic/House Connections (2,052) and Installation of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA). It will provide sustained access to clean water to Five Lac Thirty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Nine (535,929) households.

           Construction of Five (05) sewage Pumping stations, Laying of New approx. 167.5 km Sewer Lines. Construction of (2) centralized wastewater treatment plants, it will help safe drainage of sewage water from Ten Lac Twelve Thousand Nine Hundred five (1,012,905) households.

Improved access to urban public spaces, Renovation and upgradation of 6 km streets, 7 km Green belts and trees will be plant on 2.5 km riverbank. It would also assist reducing flood risk to approx. (Forty-Five Thousand) 45,000 households. The green belts, in addition to providing aesthetic pleasure to citizen, will promote healthy environment and serve as carbon sinks and lungs for the cities.