Sahiwal and Sialkot Parks

Urban parks are far more than the 'lungs' of a city. They help to fight pollution, encourage biodiversity in city centers and help to control temperatures and humidity. Green zones in city centers are also crucial to social cohesion. Quality parks and recreation are cited as one of the top three reasons that business cite in relocation decisions in a number of studies. Parks and recreation not only generate money for the local economy but Parks and recreation programs provide places for health and well-being that are accessible by persons of all ages and abilities, especially to those with disabilities.

Sahiwal and Sialkot are 14th and 12th largest cities of Punjab Province and suffering from a severe lack of open spaces and recreations .Up- gradation of Parks is a priority project of Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Program (PICIIP). Four Parks including Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Ladies and Children Park, Abdul Hakeem Park and Qila Park of Sialkot are being upgraded under PICIIP.

The upgradation of 7 parks in SAHIWAL and SIALKOT cities will serve more than five thousand (5,000) families a day by providing them Soft and hard Landscaping with Children Play Area, Jogging Track, Irrigation System, open Gym, Gardener Room , Security Room, Electrification System, Toilet, Kiosks, Plumbing System, Gazebos, Walk ways, fountain, CCTV Cameras, Ticketing Booth, parking areas and cafeterias. It will provide multi-use communal and outdoor spaces to enjoy, play and healthy living environment for all age groups of local community.